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Annual Pledges


We are proud to publish our first list of donors (List of Donors) who have generously donated over a million dollars to Orran’s worthwhile cause. We are pleased also to announce that we have taken new fundraising initiatives as highlighted on our web site. These include:

  1. making pledges for annual donations. It’s only by having these pledges that we can plan ahead with confidence knowing our income is secure in the years ahead
  2. remembering Orran in your legacies

Last but not least, by becoming a "Friend of Orran". Becoming a friend allows more and more people to embrace the mission of Orran and to raise badly needed funds for Orran’s worthwhile cause in "Helping Families in Need". You can become a friend by donating annually more than $5,000 If you require any further information on becoming a "Friend of Orran" please contact Krikor Krikorian at .

And you can do all this by making payments directly over the web site 

Please send your monetary donations (USD, EURO, GBP) to HSBC Bank in Armenia, or

For monetary donations bank charges are typically and these can be avoided by making online donations.

Donate by Mail by clicking here and printing the form that will appear