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Financial result for 2019

Chairman’s Statement for the Year 2019

Dear Friends of Orran, 

As we continue living in the surreal world of COVID and WAR, we look back at 2019 with nostalgia.  What a great year, if we could only go back to the normality and stability it offered.The life of the children was full of unforgettable events as they partook in many cultural and educational activities and met inspiring people like Maestro Constantine Orbelian, internationally renowned artist Tigran Tsitoghtsyan and Armenia’s respectable Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan.The highlight of the year was spending an afternoon with the distinguished Laureates of Aurora as Orran children and the students of UWC Dilijan spent a few  hours learning from the  great humanitarians. 

At Orran Vanadzor, two great projects kicked off "Youth for Better Communities" project financed  by US Small Democracy Fund and The Alzheimer's Care Armenia program’s ''Memory Club'' founded by Dr. Jane L. Mahakyan. 

Our two banquet live auction items, which included dinner with the President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian, ensured our financial resources for the year 2020.

We thank you our donors who year after year generously support our mission of helping families in need.We welcome our new supporters as we continue our journey of helping families in need. 

Financial result for 2019 for Orran Armenia show a surplus  of income over expenditure equivalent to $9,030 US, at an exchange rate of 485 AMD/US dollar. These financial results refer to the Armenian-registered charity only and excludes the Orran affiliated institution in the United States which receives donations in the US in addition to the website donations and subsequently transfers funds to Armenia as and when needed.

The Consolidated Management Accounts including donations received in the USA are on a cash basis and show a shortfall of income over expenditure of $2,659. This compares to an operating surplus of $19,858 in 2018 (485 AMD/US dollar). Cumulative debtors from the two 4th Quarter fund raising galas amount to $41,397, and due to the short time frame till year end, no debt provisions have been made for outstanding pledges which had not been collected by year end 2019.

Our Operating Costs over the last 3 years amount to $401k, $421k, and $452k in 2017. This equates to $2.8 per beneficiary per day. Our operating surplus over the last 3 years amount to a $3k shortfall in 2019, with a surplus of  $20k in 2018, and $98k in 2017. In line with past years, we strive to maintain our administration and marketing costs well below 10% of our operating costs.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and to make sure that each $1 is spent in the most efficient way resulting in the greatest benefit. The global financial crisis continues to pose major challenges for securing funds for our operating budgets. At the same time, the number of needy people knocking on our door has increased.

At year end the beneficiaries at our 2 centers included 401 children and 85 elderly, totaling 486. This includes over 100 children  supported by grants totalling $115k for vocational/apprenticeship programs. Yerevan center with 272 beneficiaries is well above its nominal capacity of 150, and the Vanadzor center with 214 beneficiaries is also well above its nominal capacity of 150. With a strong and committed staff in Yerevan and Vanadzor comprising of 19 full time, 21 part time and 100 volunteers, Orran looks forward to the coming year for continuing its mission in “helping families in need”, all this depending of course on the continuing generosity of our donors.

Overall and despite the global financial crisis, it has again been a fantastic year for Orran, and for this we are most grateful to our donors.



01 December, 2020