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6 First Yekmalyan street,
0002 Yerevan, Armenia


+374 10 53 51 67


+374 10 53 86 72



4/1 Tigran Metz Avenue,
2001 Vanadzor, Armenia


+374 32 24 55 98

Major Awards Received By Orran

Inecobank of Armenia,Yerevan, Armenia - February 2016

Inecobank of Armenia gifted Orran nearly $7000 to pay for the heating costs of Orran Yerevan and Orran Vanadzor for the year. 

VivaCell Yerevan, Armenia - 9 October 2015

VivaCell-MTS for the 10th consecutive year made a generous contribution to Orran, this year with a donation of $118,000.

Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation, New York, USA - 2015

Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation granted Orran $25,000 for the purpose of creating an Orran fruit and vegetable garden by Orran’s center in Vanadzor. The children will also take environmental lessons and learn how to plant trees and vegetables and make dried and canned food. 

The Austrian Development Agency, Vienna, Austria - 2015

The Austrian Development Agency made a $26,000 two year grant to Orran for a project called Speaking of Myself. Orran will implement the program with Georgian NGOs, Bridge of Hope and Interkulturelles Zentrum.  The project will include classes on leadership, journalism and drama.The Agency had gifted $17,000 in 2015 for a program called CHILD.  

Mentor Graphics- 2015

Mentor Graphics based in the Bay area awarded Orran $7500 for each of the years 2014 and 2015 to implement a math and computer program.  

Open Society Institute Foundation 

Tomorrow Begins Today is the name of a program financed by the Open Society Institute Foundation which granted around $100,000 to Orran for an apprenticeship program The Foundation has also contributed nearly $100,000 to Orran Vanadzor from the years 2010 to 2013.   

HSBC Global Education Program

For three years 2012 to 2015, the HSBC Global Education Program funded Orarn with a $60,000 grant to train youngsters  in their choice of skills.  

Philipp Morris Armenia- 2013

Philipp Morris Armenia in 2012 and 2013 gifted over $29,000 to Orran to implement a vocational training program for the young beneficiaries.  

VivaCell Yerevan, Armenia - 23 October 2012

Orran received a presentation award for $220,000 at Orran's annual fund raising gala at the Marriott hotel in Yerevan towards the completion of the new Orran Krikorian center in Vanadzor. This gala followed on from the official opening of the new center on the same day.

CISP Rome, Italy - February 2010

Orran was delighted to receive a grant of €230,000 euros ($300,000 approx) from CISP, an Italian NGO, towards the construction of a $1.1 million center in Vanadzor. This sum of money together with the $250,000 donation received from the Krikorian Charitable Trust of the UK at the August 2008 Marriott Yerevan fund raising gala allowed Orran to start the construction of the new center in June 2011 in the city of Vanadzor.  

Discussions with CISP commenced in February 2008 when an Italian delegation visited numerous  former CIS countries to select an NGO Charity to provide partial funding for a new construction project involved with helping families in need.


Krikorian Charitable Trust UK - August 2008

A donation of $250,000 was received from the Krikorian Trust at the annual Orran Gala held at the Marriott hotel in Yerevan to kick start the construction of Orran's new center in Vanadzor.

CAIA London, UK - 1 March 2006

Orran was awarded £15,000 GBP ($26,300) as part of the Helena Wells Legacy. This award was used for setting up vocational training classes in Yerevan.