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The children come from socially vulnerable, impoverished families with diverse backgrounds. The majority are from single-parent homes as a result of abandonment by fathers, divorce, death of a parent, or birth out of wedlock. In some cases, this situation is compounded due to the physical disabilities of the parents of these children. Ranging in ages from five to sixteen years, all the children are entitled to the full benefits that the Center offers: food, clothing, medical, psychological and social services, tutoring, and field trips. During the school year, the children come to the Center from 1:00 to 5:30 PM, six days per week. In the summer, they also spend their afternoons at the Center. During this season, many of the children attend summer camp, which extends them the opportunity to spend a few days out of the city participating in a wide range of activities with children from all other regions of Armenia.

Orran's children are encouraged to be involved in extra-curricular activities by their parents and the Center's staff to help develop their skills for a working career. 


The Elderly

The elderly neighborhood residents, who reside alone and have difficulty managing on their limited pension, come to Orran for lunch at twelve o'clock and receive a snack to take home. While the educational background of the group varies from those who completed their primary education to those with university degrees, they nevertheless enjoy sharing their experiences with one another and have animated discussions about current events and local political issues. The elderly are very appreciative of the food that they receive six days per week, as well as the clothing and shoes that are provided to them when needed. This group values the attention they receive from the staff and the friendships they develop with the Orran children during the cross-generational activities that take place at the Center.

The Children

I am Manouk Saghatelyan. I’ve been attending Orran for 10 years. I used to come to Orran together with my younger sister Meline and brother Nikolai who by now graduated from Orran. I love Orran and participate in the woodwork and pottery classes with great pleasure. I’ve made a lot of works of clay and wood. I also attend chess school and enjoy playing chess with my Orran friends.


I am Anahit Mirzoyan. I am eight years old. I live with my grandmother and my sister Liana. Every day we go to Orran together with pleasure. I like studying and playing different games. I love flowers very much. My favorite colors are blue and yellow. I have a kitty at home and I love playing with it. When I grow up, I want to become a doctor.


Hi, I am Sargis Muradyan. I am nine years old. I love Orran very much, because I learn a lot of things here. My favorite season is spring, especially the month of April. In my free time I like reading books and watching TV. I also like the black color. I dream of always getting excellent grades at school, so that my mother is always proud of me.


I am Lilit Avagyan. I am 9 years old. In my free time I like reading or playing. I play with my friends in the yard a lot. I love my friends from Orran. I come to Orran with my elder sister Marine. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. My younger brother is Harut and he is 3 years old. My favorite color is pink and my most favorite flowers are roses. We keep a dog at home and I love taking care of it.


My name is Gurgen Galstyan. I am in the 4th grade. I love playing with my friends and I spend most of my free time with them. I come to Orran with my younger brother Edgar. We do our home assignments here and play different games. I also attend the Orran woodwork workshop and have already made many works of wood.


I am Lena Galstyan. I am studying in the 4th grade. I love summer since in the summer people almost never fall ill. In my free time I like watching TV and playing different games. Also, I like my macramé classes at Orran very much. My favorite colors are white and red colors and I like to use them in my works. I think all the girls like these colors. At home I have a parrot and enjoy taking care of it. I dream to become a very good person.


My name is Liana Mirzoyan. I like it when my sister Anahit smiles. I love coming to Orran with Anahit and playing with our friends here. In our free time we watch TV together. My favorite color is yellow. At home I have a cat, Murka. I love Murka. I dream to have our own house and I wish I had long hair.


I am Tagouhi Bakhtamyan. I am in the 4th grade. I love most of all my mother and my family in this world. I wish my mother could always be healthy and proud of me. I love eating sweets. When I grow up, I will learn to bake delicious cakes. A month ago I started attending macramé classes and I love learning to make works of macramé. In my free time I love playing games. My favorite game is playing checkers. My favorite color is green, my favorite season is spring and my favorite pet is a dog. I want to have a small dog and take care of it.