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Immortality is to live your life doing good things, and leaving your mark behind.

Dear Friends,

Each one of us would like to be remembered for all the good we leave in this world. What could be a better memorial than to give a child the promise of a better future and to offer dignity and hope to the homeless and destitute elderly at the end of their days?

We are immensely grateful to all of our donors, who continue to make the invaluable work of Orran a daily reality. With your support, Orran is transforming the lives of hundreds of families in Armenia, saving them from the misery of poverty and loneliness. Our mission is to:

  • Divert children from the streets and engage them in academic, cultural, and extra-curricular activities.
  • Identify and develop children's interests and talents toward a working career.
  • Fight the concept of beggar children as the principal breadwinners of their families.
  • Help families "in crisis".
  • Assist the lonely and needy elderly.
  • Prevent the spread of destitution and begging among Armenia's children and elderly.

Unfortunately, the global financial crisis has had a severe impact on our work. We have fewer resources and more and more people knocking on our door for help. We hate refusing anyone, especially those in desperate need. So many people depend on us in so many ways. We provide the following services to our elderly beneficiaries and children.

  • In addition to educational and vocational training, our poverty stricken child beneficiaries receive a daily hot meal, medical, and psychological assistance and participate in art skills workshops.
  • The parents of our children are also the beneficiaries of vital psychological advice.
  • Senior citizens come to Orran every day for lunch, companionship, interaction with the children and various social functions.
  • Hundreds of children and adults receive clothing, shoes, and other necessities.
  • A large number of people visit Orran from the streets, requesting food money, medical care. 

We cannot continue helping families in need without your support. That is why we ask you to consider leaving a gift to Orran in your legacy. This would ensure that your kindness and generosity would continue to make a lasting difference for so many needy children and elderly. In most countries, including the US and UK, any such gift is estate or inheritance tax efficient since it is deducted before any tax is paid. We ask you to seriously consider this request. By leaving a legacy to Orran, you are leaving a better future for Armenia.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions/assistance.

Armine K. Hovannisian
Chairman, Board of Directors 

To Download the Legacy Leaflet, click here

If you like what Orran is doing and accept Orran's mission as one close to your heart, please consider leaving a legacy to it, a legacy which will eternalize your name in the history of benevolence to the children and elderly in need in the land of Armenia. 

Types of Planned Gifts

Bequests: There are several kinds of bequests that can be made to Orran, including the following: 

  1. A Specific Bequest: Directs that a specific item or items be given to Orran.
  2. A General Bequest: Directs that a specified amount of money or percentage of your estate be paid to Orran.
  3. A Residual Bequest: Directs Orran to receive a percentage of your estate or your residual estate(the amount left after your debts have been settled and any legacies you leave to other people have been paid) that you designate will go to Orran.
  4. A Contingent Bequest: A gift made if your beneficiaries do not survive you.
You can also ensure the work of Orran continues through other means.
Please consider the following options as well. 

Life Insurance: Name Orran as the owner and/or beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. 

Retirement Plan Assets: There are many tax advantages to having Orran be the beneficiary to your hard-earned retirement assets. Check with your financial planner or tax adviser for more information. 

Stock or Securities Gifts: Making a gift of appreciated stocks or bonds to Orran can be a good option. 

Charitable Remainder Trust: A charitable remainder trust is a separately invested and managed trust that pays income to you for your life or a term of up to twenty years. At the termination of the trust, the principle goes to Orran. 

Charitable Lead Trust: A charitable lead trust is a separately invested and managed trust that, during a specified number of years, pays a fixed percentage of the trust's assets to Orran. At the end of the trust term, the assets are passed to the beneficiaries you name. We understand that your main priority is to make sure that you look after your family and loved ones. However, once you feel comfortable with what you have bequeathed them, you might wish to share your benevolence with the needy in our homeland. 


How can you leave a legacy to Orran? 

Please consult with a lawyer/solicitor to help you word the bequest correctly. The information the lawyer will need on Orran is: 

In ARMENIA: Orran Benevolent Non-Governmental Organization

6 First Yekmalyan Street
Yerevan 375002
Republic of Armenia

or in USA: 

2217 Observatory Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90027

All donations to Orran USA are tax deductable. 

The information on 

We wish to extend a very special thank you to each and every Orran donor for their most generous financial support towards helping Orran's cause and also for their generous gifts as donations-in-kind and for their services-in-kind. We look forward to your continued support as we work together to achieve our goals. 

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