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Sponsor The Elderly


Orran provides hot meals to 85 needy and lonely elderly every day. Since its establishment in the year 2000, Orran has helped more than 500 elderly. Please think of sponsoring an elderly at Orran. Your donation will allow us to embrace more and more elderly.

Orran is grateful to all of our donors and would like to extend a special thanks to Armenouhi Petrosyan from Yerevan. She is the first donor to respond to our call for a $1 day donation to sponsor an elderly. Armenouhi Petrosyan takes care of one elderly: Ofelya Hambardzumyan. She also kindly took care of three elderlies: Vergush Manukyan, Rudolf Stepanyan and Yelena Grikorova, who have passed away.

Sponsoring the elderly a month, you can take care of an elderly who can receive:

  • One hot meal a day
  • A snack to take home
  • Social service assistance
  • Participation in major holiday celebrations

And a one time donation of any amount, can be used to help an elderly person in the following ways:

  • Christmas gift
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Medicine
  • Trips to concerts, theaters for those who would like
  • Donate Now Online 

At Orran we believe that our elderly deserve to be treated with dignity 

Our Achievements

We wish to see an Armenia with no destitute children who beg for a living, and where the elderly spend the last few years of their lives in dignity. Not too much to ask from ourselves who have been given so much. Here are a few examples

Mr. Souren was homeless, hungry, and abandoned until a year ago. That is when he came to Orran. It was heartbreaking to hear him say: “What do I need this life for? No one has use for me. Let me just die and be done with it.”

For the last year, Mr. Souren has been happy. He has had a hot meal every day, has made new friends, and has been able to socialize with people in similar circumstances . With Orran’s assistance, he is spending his days at the home for the elderly. “I will come and visit you, my dear children. “You have been so good to me. You changed my life. I will never forget that,” he tells the staff and children of Orran.

Anoushavan Yeghiazaryan is the oldest beneficiary at Orran. He was born in 1914 and is today 94-years old. Grandpa Anoushavan, a veteran of World War II, has been attending Orran for the last four years and has not missed a day of celebration at Orran. It was with great enjoyment that he helped prepare the Mandela Peace Quilt with Rein Long, the famous American football player whose mother initiated the project upon her visit to Orran.

A few months ago, Grandpa Anoushavan fell ill. Everyone at Orran was so concerned and started thinking of ways to help him. The kids made nice cards, the cooks at Orran prepared special soups and other meals and the staff visited him to make sure he was doing fine. A comfortable bed was secured. Grandpa Anoushavan soon recovered and was back with his boyish smile. “Having grandchildren like you, who can die?” he said. “I know you made sure that I recovered so that we can celebrate my 100th birthday at Orran”.His 100th birthday was celebrated last year. 

Anoushavan Yeghiazaryan’s physical health deteriorated and he has been placed in a home for the elderly.  Orran staff visit him when they can.  

Seventy-five-year-old Mary Hayrapetyan is a lonely pensioner who, because of family fraud, lost her apartment. She was living on the stairs of the “Star” supermarket on Amirian street. When Orran representatives first met Mrs. Hayrapetyan, she said: “I am not a bum, my girl; I have lost my home.”

Orran rented a home for Mrs. Hayrapetyan. It was impossible to watch her face without tears when she walked into her new home. The empty house would soon be filled with furniture, kitchen utensils, and other necessary goods, all gathered by the staff and families of Orran. Orran’s beneficiary is no longer homeless. She smiles as she says, “Orran soups are so delicious…you not only helped me by getting me a home but you also gave me a family”.

So please donate $500 for the year, not much to ask from ourselves who have been given so much

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