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Orran Centers

Orran Center in Yerevan - Opened 25 May 2004

We are most grateful to all the benefactors who have contributed to the construction of this building and in turn have recognition plaques on the rooms in line with the level of their contribution. We still have a few rooms left that need sponsors, and this can either be in the name of the benefactors or in memory of someone they love.  

When it first opened its doors in 2000, Orran rented a small apartment to serve its beneficiaries. By September 2001, this space was no longer adequate to accommodate the increasing number of children and elderly who were receiving Orran's services. The Organization then moved to a rented house, but it was soon apparent that this too was a limited space in which to conduct all its program activities. 

Four years after Orran was founded, and on 25th May 2004, Orran celebrated the official opening of its new, spacious Center in Yerevan. 

The three-story building in downtown Yerevan, accommodates more children and elderly and provides room to expand the Organization's wide range of services.